SurveyStation Application

Cascade Survey Research and American Quantity Survey’s SurveyStation touchscreen technique collects more accurate and valid data regarding:
Price to Value Perception
Purchasing Plans and Criteria
Product Attribute and Development Trends
Product Application & Functionality
Procedural Definition, Preference and Why
Competitive Position
Brand Perception and Image
Customer Satisfaction
Description of Clinical Procedures
Exhibit Evaluation

Advantages of the SurveyStation Technique

Cascade Survey Research and American Quantity Survey use SurveyStation technology to benefit your company by providing opinion surveys that are:

1. More Accurate & Valid Data
Respondents qualified to fit target profile
Self-Administered process virtually eliminates introduced biases
Anonymous responses are more candid and honest
Event research captures top-of-mind opinion while issues are fresh and topical
2. Faster and Easier to Complete
10 times faster than traditional paper & clipboard or interview survey techniques
20 questions can be completed in an average of 90 seconds
3. Able to Engage Elusive Respondents
80% of event attendees express a preference for the touchscreen technique vs. other ·methods
High-tech, fast, easy to use system attracts busy, fast moving, and high quality respondents
Touchscreen experience is perceived as fun and a more unique and professional way to collect opinions
4. Customized and Specific to Your Research
Questions developed to your research objectives
Questions can include your logos, graphics, pictures, and videos
System logic and branching directs respondents to questions based on responses
Message screens can present educational, product, or service explanations for a question sequence
Single, multiple choice, ranking, and numerical input question capability to best address your research
5. More Timely & Robust Data Reporting
Larger sample sizes as number of respondents is not limited
No key punching of data eliminates transcription errors
Survey results published within one week
Data reported in Tabular, Cross-Tabular, and Gross Response formats
Executive summary and other customized reporting available
6. More Cost Effective & Affordable
Leverages committed event presence and investment
Event staff focused on customer and business development
Labor and material savings estimated by clients at over 40% vs. Other survey methods
Greater response rate, more accurate data, and more timely report availability increases the ·ROI on your research dollar

Cascade Survey Research and American Quantity Survey’s SurveyStation technique gets you more high quality data that is more rapidly available for use in your strategic marketing and sales planning activities.